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Best Education Management Systems

Nawabegh Al-Riyadh international Schools are  considered the first international schools in the south and west of Riyadh. Highly qualified educational frameworks under professional management are applied.

Nawabegh Al- Riyadh international Schools receive male and female students at various educational levels.

It is based on international curricula, including innovative classical models of systems. The Arabic language curriculum is taught with distinction at unique levels in contrast to the international schools. The French language is taught as a second language. In addition to teaching languages, learning the Holy Qur’an and all religious sciences are considered as high priority.


Nawabigh Al-Riyadh International Schools provide the appropriate educational environment with the use of modern technology for education, where e-learning is applied at all levels. 


All students are unique. However, some have individual needs that may impact their learning physically, emotionally or academically. Our inclusive approach seeks to reduce barriers to participation and to provide appropriate support across our three pillars: learning, enrichment and well-being. We advocate a collaborative approach to meeting the needs of our students with additional learning needs.


We are careful to ensure that we can provide appropriate support for all our students.



Our school is committed to encouraging the best in its students, staff, and community. We aim to nurture a passion for knowledge, sport, creativity, and vocational skills.



  • Applying a student-center approach to learning.

  • Building a "Culture of Achievement".

  • Focusing on continuous improvement and shared accountabilities.

  • Promoting team work and cooperation among students and staff.

  • Developing partnerships with parents and community.

  • Appreciating and celebrating diversity.

  • Encouraging self-development and upgrading.



Our vision is to enable students to achieve their potentials through an integrated curriculum and a good learning environment that maximize their talents and expertise



  • Respect.

  • Honesty.

  • Responsibility.

  • Achievement.

School Facilities

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